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Activation of Microsoft Office 365
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  • Once the installer is ready, you will need to click Next on the Welcome screen.
Office Get Started screen
  • Make sure "Use Recommended Settings" is marked and click Accept.
Reccomended Settings
  • Click Sign In.
Office Sign in
  • Sign in with your username/email address
Office Sign in email
  • And use your Microsoft Account password.
Office Sign-in
  • Click Next on the OneDrive screen.
OneDrive Screen
  • Choose how you wold like your Office to look. 
Design Template Screen
  • Feel free to use this time to "Take a look" or click "No, Thanks".
Office Intro
  • It's very important that you DO NOT SHUTDOWN, HIBERNATE, or DISCONNECT YOUR COMPUTER FROM THE INTERNET at this stage.
  • You will see a progress screen while it's wrapping up a few things.
Installation Photo
  • You can check the progress of the installer in your Taskbar (bottom right corner).
Install in process Screen
Office 365 icon
  • Next the Activation Wizard will run.
Activation Wizard
  • And Activate.
Activation Wizard complete
  • Once its done installing, you will see this screen. It's now safe to shutdown, hibernate, or disconnect your computer from the internet.
Install Complete
How do I Check My Installation?
  • Open the Office Word application.
  • Choose a blank page.
  • Click on Home in the top left and click on Account.
  • Here you will see that you are using a "Subscription Product". If you click "Manage Account", it will take you to the Office 365 website.
Office Setting Management

How do I Check My Activation?

  • Login to Office 365 with your Microsoft Account.
  • Click on the gear icon in the top right hand corner and choose "Office 365 Settings".
  • Click on Software.
  • At the top, you will see your current activation.
Office Activation Status

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