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Set Password on an MS-Word Document
Last Updated 3 years ago

Open an existing Word document or create a new one. Password is set at the time of saving the document. If you want to set password on an already saved file, then go to Office Orb button (round button given in the top-left corner) and select “Save as” option.

When Save or Save as box appear, click on the Tools button given beside the Save button. Select General Options from the resulting menu. Another box will appear wherein you can enter two passwords:

Password to open:
This will be asked for when the file will be opened. Content of the file will not be shown unless password is provided.

Password to modify:
If this password is set, user will be asked to provide this password when she will try to save the changes made.

MS Word password schemes are fairly good but you should try to set a strong and non-guessable password to enhance security. Earlier I had published a list of weakest passwords (use our strong password generator) often used by computer users. Try not to give any password mentioned in this list!

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